EML, MHT Viewer with Drive
The EML, MHT(mhtml) Viewer is a tool that allows you to access EML files without the need of MS Outlook Express.
This nifty utility parses and displays EML(mail message) files, MHT, MBOX files. Inline images are displayed both as attachments and in the HTML view.
You can open EML, MHT, MBOX files from your computer or from Google Drive.
Provides connect with Google Drive. MHT Viewer feature is not yet complete, Works well with MHT files created from IE, Chrome. The MBOX file parses only the first message.
This EML, MHT Viewer does not save or share the file you select. It only works locally without going through the server. (HTML5 technology)

Drop a file here.
*What is a MHT file?
The MHT file type is primarily associated with 'MHTML Document' by Microsoft. Archived Web Page.
When you save a Web page as a Web archive in browser, the Web page saves this information in Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML (MHTML) format with a .MHT file extension.
All relative links in the Web page are remapped and the embedded content is included in the .MHT file.
The absolute references or hyperlinks on the Web page remain unchanged and the .MHT file is viewed using IE, Chrome, Opera etc.

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